Redefining masculinity?

You’re among friends.

polaroid photo of men and MUC members having a picnic in a park in Ottawa

a D.I.Y. community of men retooling masculinity for the 21st Century in Ottawa, Canada.


M:UC is an Ottawa-based community of open-minded, caring and conscientious men remaking masculinity into a force for positive change.

What does it mean to be a real man? Be tough, don’t cry, protect and provide for your family. As men, many of us have been taught these lessons from our earliest boyhood, whether from our parents, our peers or from our environment – for example, the movies, music and art that help define who we are.

But is this truly the best men can offer? Is it the best you can offer? At M:UC, we like to think that men can offer themselves, their family and their communities so much more than what this narrow, limited version of manhood could ever promise, much less provide.

In the face of fast-changing social and cultural expectations of men, M:UC is a friendly and welcoming place where all men and male-identifying people can gather, find community and support one another with the hard work of transforming masculinity – and ourselves – into a force for positive social and cultural change. Read on to know more about what we do and what we’re about.

upcoming events

Upcoming Events

What We Do


— We Get Together

Let’s face it: we’re better when we’re together! Join our virtual community on Facebook to meet, discuss and make new connections with men who share your desire for growth and positive change.

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— We Host Events

Whether it’s a workshop, a discussion group, a book or movie club or social events like a picnic or a game of D&D, we have an event geared to you. Check out our in-person and virtual events and meet other guys courageously redefining masculinity.

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— We Connect & Inform

Keep up to date with the latest on our activities and news from the frontlines of remaking masculinity by signing up for our monthly newsletter

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— We Develop Skills and Share Resources

You wouldn’t try building a house without tools or know-how, would you? As a group of D.I.Y. guys remaking masculinity, we are sharing tools, tips and tricks for better navigating through the personal and collective challenges we face in redefining what it means to be a man today.

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— We Think & Engage

Masculinity is constantly talked about, and that discussion is important. Join the conversation.


Masculinity Under Construction quickly became the most consistent and supportive community group I’ve joined since moving to Ottawa. I’m sincerely thankful for MUC and all the volunteers and community members I’ve had the opportunity to meet because of them 🙂

Dan R.

M:UC for me has been a community centered around light-hearted connection and meaningful self-reflection. I really think they are onto something special and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Brandon B.